Applicants designated for financial assistance shall be chosen by the Board of Trustees, who may require that the applicant appear for a personal interview.  The Board of Trustees meets in July of each year to review applications for the coming academic year.  Notification of scholarship loan awards is made by mid-August of each year, and awards are made for the full academic year.


There is no set amount awarded to an individual. Awards are made considering the number of qualified and approved applicants and the sum of money available to dispense.

Currently, the Foundation is only awarding low-interest scholarship loans; no grants are available.  The applicant shall be required to execute a promissory note to the Foundation (guaranteed by the applicant’s parents if the applicant is a minor).  No repayments shall begin on the loan, and the loan shall bear no interest, until one year after the applicant ceases to be a full-time student (or fails to provide written verification to the Foundation that the student remains a full-time student).  When interest does begin to accrue on the loan, the rate shall be three (3) percentage points below the prime rate of the Chase Manhattan Bank of New York (but no less than 3% per annum).  Repayment of the loan shall be in 120 equal monthly installments;  prepayment of the scholarship loan, in whole or in part, may be made at any time without penalty.  To the extent the terms of any executed promissory note may differ from those stated herein, the terms of the individual student’s executed promissory note shall control.

One purpose of the scholarship loan program is to encourage financial responsibility by the applicant, and to encourage the prompt repayment of funds when the applicant’s earning ability justifies, thereby making financial assistance available to other worthy students.  To the extent that an applicant responsibly discharges his or her obligation to the Foundation by the prompt repayment of the scholarship loan, he or she will contribute to the success of the Foundation.

An applicant must meet all of the following criteria in order to be eligible for consideration for a scholarship loan:

• Resident of Pennsylvania
• High school graduate
• Acceptance by an institution of higher learning before making application for assistance
• Applicant must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 or its equivalent, and maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA to be eligible for continued assistance in future years
• Full-time enrollment for period covered by scholarship loan
• The Foundation must be satisfied that the applicant intends to pursue his or her education for at least one year at the institution of his or her choice
• Demonstration of financial need
• Demonstration of personal initiative
• Demonstration of civic responsibility
• Timely submission of all application forms

Applications must be mailed (or sent by courier) to the Foundation (to the mailing address listed in the Contact Us section of this website);  do not submit the application by facsimile or email.  All application forms and documentation should be mailed in one complete package.

It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that all required application materials have been received by the Foundation prior to the application deadline (including the Financial Need Form to be completed by the financial aid office of the applicant’s school).  Because of the volume of applications received, the Foundation is not able to make courtesy calls to applicants to notify if applications are incomplete.  Incomplete applications will not be reviewed, which will result in the Foundation being unable to grant financial assistance

Prior recipients of scholarship loans from the Foundation shall be required to reapply each year, so that all information is updated.  In keeping with the Foundation’s desire to establish lasting relationships with its scholars, recipients from prior years shall receive preferred consideration for awards provided that they continue to meet all eligibility requirements and timely submit all application forms each year.

The application deadline is June 15th.  An applicant must timely submit all of the following items in order to be eligible for consideration for a scholarship loan. 

1. The John G. Williams Scholarship Foundation Standard Application

Note: If an applicant received an award from the Foundation in the immediately preceding academic year to which the current application is made, then the applicant may submit the Supplemental Application for Prior Recipients in lieu of the full Standard Application, along with all of the remaining documentation listed below.

2. John G. Williams Scholarship Foundation Financial Need Form to be completed by you between April 1 – June 15.

3. Copy of completed current FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), including the Student Aid Report (SAR) and Financial Aid History Information.

4. Transcript of grades for the most recent academic year.

5. Evidence of acceptance/attendance/enrollment by college or graduate school.

6. Two character recommendations.

7. Since special attention will be given to applicants who, because of financial circumstances, would be unable to attend college or graduate school without the Foundation, applicants are required to submit a typewritten personal statement/essay explaining why they should receive Foundation assistance and/or to explain any other special circumstances pertaining to the applicant’s need for financial assistance.


Supplemental Application for Prior Recipients of the John G. Williams Scholarship Foundation

Financial Need Form for the John G. Williams Scholarship Foundation

Promissory Note Form for the John G. Williams Scholarship Foundation

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